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Airsoft - a tactical game which combines ammunition, movement through nature and possession of military/tactical skills.

The game is safe and suitable for both men and women, as we use safety equipment. Replica weapons are used for the game. Their appearance and functions are almost identical to the original weapons, the only difference is that airsoft guns shoot bio-degradable balls. After being hit, the hit player must return to the base (starting position). There, he/she has the possibility to fill the tanks and after that he/she can return back to the game.

The type of the game we practice the most is called capture and hold. You occupy areas together with your team and you place your flag on them. The goal is to defend your areas from the other team and try to occupy others.
Safety is a priority that comes before fun. In order to be safe, it is obligatory to use protective equipment at all times. That being said, you are not allowed to take off protective glasses from the moment you receive your replicas, until you finish the game. In addition to protective glasses, you also receive other equipment that will serve you to comfortably and safely enjoy the game.

We guarantee great fun and playing the game over and over again, because the airsoft is a game in which you fall in love easily. 🥷🏻 We are talking from personal experience.🙈

M4/M16 replica - playing for 2 hours
Uniform and equipment, 800 balls per person
23,00 €  per person

M4/M1/SSG sniper replica - playing from 2 to 5 hours
Uniform and equipment, unlimited number of balls
32,00 € per person

All options include an instructor who will equip you and introduce you to the game. You will also have space for changing clothes, and water bottles.

Additional options:
- Organization of barbecue and hanging out after the game
- Airsoft grenades -  2,00 € piece/charge


*signing the declaration of responsibility is mandatory



Our destination and all excursions are located on the trails of ViaDinarica!

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