In addition to our most famous excursions: Wild Horses Photo Safari and E-Bike Tours, you can find all other excursions which can fulfill your one or several-day stay at our destination.


The view from the saddle on the horse's back will bring back the primeval feeling of our ancestors' life that was unimaginable without a horse. On this excursion, you will discover how and why such a large and graceful animal, often stronger and faster than us, becomes our friend and a lifelong companion. Experienced guides and horses that anyone can ride, even children of 2 years old, await you there. You will learn how the horse thinks, communicates, looks at the world around him, and lives in an environment adapted for his well-being.

The Equestrian Club Livno is located next to a pine forest, on top of a hill with a view of the Livanjsko field and the mountains that surround it. With such a background, the excursion includes a photo session with horses and a large tavern for resting, eating, drinking, talking. There is also toilette for use. Guests take turns on horses and with an instructor, each one of them can learn the basics of riding: how to get on a horse and dismount, how to start, turn and stop a horse.

"We don't tell our guests to smile when we want to photograph them. It is enough to pet the horse and the smile comes itself."


  1. Welcome drink
  2. Guided tour of our horse club; introduction to the horses and equipment
  3. Riding in a natural environment with a view of mountains and forest.
  4. Riding in a natural environment with a view of mountains and forest. Riding in an open arena with an instructor, trail riding or combination of both. (Training first, then trail riding - only for individual rides)
  5. Photo session with horses and beautiful landscapes in the background. Photos are sent additionally.
  6. Cowboy surprise games.

    Duration - 2 hours

    Price - 20,00 EUR per person


    - The group has to be consisted of 3 or more persons older than six. Children up to 6 years can accompany them for free.

    - Several people take turns on one horse. We adjust number of horses to the number of guests, so that each guest has opportunity to learn basics of riding.

    - The appointment must be booked in advance.


    Lunch (+1h; +15,00 EUR per person)

    - Pie of your choice (burek, zeljanica or sirnica)

    - Meza and uštipci.

    - Traditional cake

    Barbecue (+2h; +25,00 EUR per person)

    - Unlimited drinks (beers, juices, brandies)

    - Barbecue made on site.

    - Homemade bread.

    - Traditional cake.


Duration - 1h/2hours
Price - 30,00 EUR/ 50,00 EUR per person


- One person rides on one horse the whole time.
- The riding takes place in the arena, with an instructor or on the trail with a guide.
- One hour of riding consists of 45 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of preparing and
dismounting the horse.
- The appointment must be booked in advance.

It is allowed to:
- Bring carrots or apples and feed the horses.
- Bring a dog with you. Your pet can enjoy together with you!


The tour takes you to the most beautiful river in Livno, Sturba.The flow of the River Sturba is extremely quiet and very suitable for relaxed canoeing, which makes this excursion suitable for all ages. Our partners will explain how to operate a canoe and other equipment. You'll get waterproof bags to store your cell phones and other valuables in a safe place. Through a leisurely ride, the guide/skipper will introduce you to the flora and fauna of this area where you can see a large number of different birds. During the tour, the guide will take several photos that will be available for free download afterwards. Canoeing takes about 1hour and 30 minutes. After the ride you can enjoy the excursion site Crna Stina where you can relax, swim, walk and taste local specialties prepared and served on the riverbank.


  1. Canoeing and use of protective vests    
  2. Guide services
  3. Lunch (selection of dishes by arrangement barbecue, dish prepared under a baking bell, pie...)       
  4. Download of photos from excursion                    

1. Swimsuit
2. Camera/mobile phone
3. Sandals, sneakers, sunscreen and hat.

Price per person


For children up to 10 years of age (accompanied by parents)                       


Snow Adventure

This special, full-day adventure takes place in winter when the snow makes it impossible to move with classic wheels. During the winter, instead of wheels, we install Camso tracks on our quad and buggy vehicles that allow them to move anywhere in all weather conditions. Winter clothing in the form of a ski suit is mandatory, and we recommend that you also bring spare clothes and shoes. The tour includes a homemade hot meal (goulash), which we serve on the mountain together with meza. Local food goes well with local Livanjsko craft beer, local brandies and juices. We can adjust the choice of food and drinks according to the wishes of the guests.


135,00 €/person (up to 5 persons)
105,00 €/person (from 5 to 10 persons)

Min. 3 persons  Max. 10 persons
(max 3 persons driving quads, 3 persons passenger on quads, 4 persons passengers in buggy) 


This hiking adventure takes you to one of the most beautiful mountains in the region, the irresistible Kamešnica. The climb begins in the village of Podgradina where you can park your vehicle and taste fresh mountain water from a nearby spring. The climb moves through a high macchia that later passes into the high beech forest. The entire hiking trail is marked with red hiking markers, and along the trail through the beech forest you are accompanied by several sources of drinking water. On half of the climb there is Pešino vrilo (1350m) where a mountain hut was built, open and available for all nature lovers. Pešino vrilo is the last place where you can take drinking water on your way to the mountaintop Konj.

The journey continues briefly through the beech forest and exits to Gola Kosa where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Livanjsko field, the surrounding mountains and Buško Lake. Fascinating views will follow you all the way to the very top of Konj (1856 m) looking at the Adriatic Sea. From the top you can see all the surrounding mountain peaks and depending on the weather conditions your view can be all the way to the mountain peaks of Montenegro. At the top you can sign a list of fellow conquerors of the peaks and be sure to plan the time to enjoy the magnificent views. When returning, you take the same path you took up.
You can embark on this hiking adventure alone and completely FREE and our team can give you all the necessary instructions on how to master the whole route yourself. If you wish, you can also take additional options and hire our expert guide to guide you through this adventure and get acquainted with all the peculiarity of Kamešnica Mountain.

  • Highest mountaintop - Konj 1856m 
  • Drinking water springs on the route
  • Duration of the tour 4-6h, depending on the pace you want
  • Height of ascent - 1208 m 
  • Energy required - about 1600 cal 
  • Difficulty of ascent – medium

What to bring?

Hiking sneakers

Small backpack and bottle of water

Spare T-shirt

Camera or phone



You can embark on this adventure yourself at no financial expense. TAKE CARE AND RESPECT NATURE!


- Expert guide - 100€
- Organization of lunch on the mountain (Pešino vrilo) - by arrangement


The all-day adventure begins with a ride through Livanjsko field which is the largest karst field in the world. Through the ride, the guide introduces you to the flora and fauna of Livanjsko field, which extends from Buško Lake to Bosansko Grahovo. Between Bosansko Grahovo and Drvar there is the cave Ledenica. This cave is unknown because it is closed to the public, so visiting this underground treasure is a real privilege. The cave has 14 halls that are rich in cave jewellery of large sizes and different colours, with shimmering and sparkling jewellery of all kinds (stalactites, stalagmites, columns, corals and others) that look really impressive. Through the cave you will be guided by a local guide from the area. All visitors will be provided with protective helmets and lamps.

After an underground walk we drive to Preodac, a village at the base of Šator Mountain. The village has about 200 sources of drinking water with which we fill our bottles and continue our ride towards Šator Mountain. By vehicle we reach Šatorsko Lake, the water pearl that adorns this mountain. The lake is located at 1488 m, and with a length of close to 300 and a width of about 150 meters. It represents a huge mirror of the sky on its watery superficial. The lake is suitable for swimming, and in summer its temperature reaches 20 degrees, which makes it an extremely pleasant bathing area. Arriving at the lake, you can spend your time swimming, walking around the lake or hiking briefly on some of the nearby paths. During this time, the guide will prepare homemade food that will be served on the table by the lake. You can choose from several local dishes,dishes prepared under a baking bell, barbecue or mountain stew, with accompanying appetizers and drinks. Please note that you need to determine in advance the type of dishes you want, as food is prepared on the mountain. After lunch you will have a short time to rest and relax, before we take you back.  

  • Unique cave rich in underground treasures 
  • Swimming on a mountain lake 
  • Homemade eco-food 
  • Duration of the tour - 6-8 hours
What to bring?

1. Comfortable hiking footwear or sneakers
2. Warm clothes (useful in cave)
3. Swimsuit


  1. Guided rides and tours 
  2. Tour of Ledenica cave with local guide 
  3. Cave equipment (helmet and lamps)  
  4. Visit to Šatorsko Lake 
  5. Lunch on the mountain  

*NOTE: this unique excursion is only available to guests
staying longer than 2 nights at our destination.


One of the particularities of Livno is certainly the sports airport in Livanjsko field, which has excellent conditions for flying. This adventure is led by experienced pilots from the Livno Aero Club, and you can choose your panoramic flight depending on the duration of the flight and the places you want to see. An indispensable part of every flight is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe, Buško Lake and a bird's eye view above the city of Livno. You can also extend your flight to other special places such as the plateau Kruzi and Cincar Mountain where wild horses gallop freely.



15 min

  • Buško Lake
  • City of Livno



30 min

  • Buško Lake
  • Borova glava
  • Plateau "Kruzi"
  • City of Livno


60 min

  • Buško Lake
  • Nature Park "Blidinje"
  • Ramsko Lake
  • Plateau "Kruzi"
    City of Livno
  • The listed prices are prices per flight for two adults or one adult and two children.
  • It is possible to choose a route and length in consultation with the pilot.

Traces of life in the area of Livno were recorded in prehistoric times. Temperate climate, plenty of drinking water, beautiful Livanjsko field, clean mountain air, closeness to the sea, are some of the benefits that have tied the inhabitants of Livno to their region. On this historical and cultural tour through the city of Livno, you have the opportunity to get to know our most beautiful and valuable monuments. We're going to show you the essence of Livno, so once you leave, you will want to come back again. We start our gathering in the museum and gallery on Gorica, a top museum institution that preserves our most valuable archaeological, ethnographic and sacral objects. The Gallery of Gabriel Jurkić will leave you breathless because of the immersion in the beautiful landscapes painted with the quill of this famous painter. Next to the museum is the church of St. Peter and Paul, widely known for its beautiful wall paintings. It represents a cultural monument that began to be built in the 19th century. We continue our tour to King Tomislav Square where you will hear more about the interesting history of Livno. Next, we proceed to the archaeological site in the heart of the city, the cemetery of St. Ivo. Here, the foundations of the first Franciscan monastery in BiH from the beginning of the 14th century hide, as well as the foundations of another series of early Christian sites in our area, dated in the 5th century.

We continue to the source of the Bistrica River, the impressive Duman, which is located under the magnificent rocks of the Bašajkovac hill. Here we will take a break with a picnic where you will have the opportunity to try our famous local products, such as homemade pies and cheese, homemade juices and brandies. While we are resting, you have the opportunity to hear more about the history of Livno cheese as well as the numerous extinct crafts of Livno, some of which were related precisely to this location. Caves above the source have been used in the past for maturation of Livno cheese, and this is just one of the interesting facts you will learn. After a break, we continue our tour of the Old Town, climbing Glavica where you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent Dukatar’s mosque from the 16th century with Sahat tower. We will also visit the oldest mosque in Livno, Balaguša, a cultural monument. Also, Pirija's Tower, a residential fort from the 17th century. We continue to the Orthodox Church from the 19th century, another protected cultural monument in which cultural treasures are kept, 80 old icons that were created from the 15th to 19th century.

Livno has a rich past,with many beautiful and interesting historical sites. This historic tour takes you on a journey back in time where you will get to know the places Delmati, Roman and old Croatian cultures lived. Remains of magnificent early Christian basilicas from the 5th and 6th century are a testimony of civilization that inhabited Livanjsko field, living in this area for 4, 000 years. On this interesting journey you will have the opportunity to see the Delmatic forts, places where the sworn enemies of the Romans lived. In addition to the forts, we will also visit the Roman-medieval complex in Lištani, the archaeological pearl of Livanjsko field with preserved memory and baptistery from the 5th century. Archaeological excavations have been going on here for 20 years. The route of the Roman road Salona-Servitium used to lead right across this part of Livanjsko field. Tombstones, famous medieval monuments are common in all parts of Livanjsko field. Driving around the beautiful Buško Lake we will arrive at Rešetarica, another early Christian archaeological site where the Carolingian warrior equipment was found and today is kept in a museum on Gorica in Livno. We finish our tour with lunch.

"It is an extraordinary pleasure to walk you through the historical journey of my hometown, I will tell you and show you all the curiosities and legends."
Your expert guide: mag. Archaeology Monika Mihaljević

Historical Tour of Livno


Half-day tour includes:
- Entrance to the museum and all sights
- Outdoors picnic or in a restaurant
- Guidance of a professional guide
Price for children under age of 12 - 15 €

Archaeological Tour of Livanjsko field                         


Full day tour includes:
- Tour of all locations from the description with paid fees
- Transport and lunch
- Guidance of a professional guide
Price for children under age of 12 - 25 €


If you are an adrenaline seeker and you need something faster than an electric bike and more exciting than hiking, then four-wheeler rides are the right choice for you. You can choose from several marked tours that are divided by difficulty and tour time, or you can go for a free ride and explore our destination. Our guides will guide you on the basics of driving and using your vehicle, and provide tips for the best route. We like to highlight our tours around Lake Mandek and along the River Sturba, or you can also venture to climb Tušnica Mountain.

CF moto - 520q
Vehicle rental for 3 hours – 75,00€ 
Vehicle rental for 5 hours – 95,00€ 
Vehicle rental for 8 hours – 110,00€ 

CF moto -1000q
Vehicle rental for 3 hours – 100,00€ 
Vehicle rental for 5 hours – 120,00€ 
Vehicle rental for 8 hours – 150,00€ 

Fuel is not included in the stated prices.
Vehicles are picked up and returned with a full tank.

The price includes:
- Car rental 
- Two helmets
Additional options:
- Guide - by arrangement

- 520q - 100,00 €
- 1000q - 150,00 €

*mandatory signing of the declaration of responsibility


The famous song of the most popular group in the world (Beatles) says: "Free as a bird". This excursion takes you for birdwatching in Livanjsko field, where you can feel complete freedom in the clean, intact nature, in the largest alluvial karst field in the world, with the largest intermittial lake in Europe and the largest swamp in the Balkans. Of the 349 bird species registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 264 species were recorded in Livanjsko field, which singles it out as a persuasive first place in the country. Livanjsko field is a space where over 100,000 water birds are concentrated during the spring migration, while on Buško Lake during autumn migration you can see 35,000-50,000 water birds. Occasionally, the number reaches 80,000, which sets this area apart as one of the three most important migratory stations on the entire Adriatic Sea.

Large wetlands, preserved meadows and pastures, and the large complexes under the old oak forest are guarantees for exciting birdwatching throughout the year. Certainly the best period for birdwatching is the spring season, from mid-April to the first half of May, when intensive migration of birds and nesting periods are coming. In this period it is possible to observe some of the rarest and most endangered species of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as one of the eight pairs of White-tailed eagles, the only known pair of Lesser spotted eagles in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the largest population of Bitterns in the country, the largest Balkan population of Corncrake, Montagus Harrier, Lesser Grey Shrike, hundreds of Duck, Coot, Charadriiformes stopping by from wintering grounds in Africa to rest and eat at Buško Lake.
We organize the tour with our partners and the best ornithologist in BiH, Goran Topic. We currently offer two full-day tours, and by appointment we organize several-day tours in Livno and the rest of BiH.


The excursion begins at the source of Duman, on whose rocks nest the Mediterranean species Blue Rock Thrush, Swallow, Kestrel, and occasionally a flock of Alpine Chough descends from Cincar. On the River Bistrica, below Duman, you will find a White-Throated Dipper, a songbird that is tied to clean mountain rivers, diving in rapids and waterfalls in search of food. From Duman we drive to the viewpoint above the Čaići abysses, from where you can see the widest part of the field. From the viewpoint it is possible to observe birds flying daily from Buško Lake to the northern part of the field, as well as in the opposite direction, and often wolves can be spotted. This site is one of the few places in Bosnia and Herzegovina where wolves can be seen occasionally in open ground during the day. On the way to the northern part of the field, we get acquainted with the values of the Livanjsko field, cultural and historical heritage, karst phenomena, flora and fauna, etc. We make a brief stop at the Pustopolje, which cuts through the temporary flow of Jaruga. Flooded meadows by the river are the only habitats of the Common Redshank in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Along the way, it is possible to see pairs of Little Grebe, Yellow Wagtail or territorial pairs of Lapwing, who heartily defend their nest from intruders. Livanjsko field shows its greatest splendor and beauty during the spring at Kazanci, the largest abyss of Livno. From an area of over 100 km2 of swamp, in a deafening roar the water disappears at the base of Troglav, the largest peak of the Dinara mountain range.

On the vast Lake of Kazanci, it is possible to observe several species of ducks, and also other forest and ordinary species related to settlements. To avoid traffic noise, we get off the main road in Pržine. The winding way takes us around the brim of Ždralovac, the largest swamp in the Balkans, where you can observe the Barred Warbler, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Woodpecker, Green and Grey-Headed Woodpecker and the biggest European Woodpecker – Black Woodpecker. We stop in rural homestead Kovljenić for lunch. It is located in Nuglašica, where you can try delicious local products prepared in a traditional way. After lunch we continue to the Lake of Brežina where a bird observation tower was erected. On the shores of the lake nests the only colony of Great Egret, rare species of Black-Winged Stilt, Marsh Harrier, numerous ducks, Grebes, geese and Warblers. Frequent hunters on the lake are the largest European eagle – White-Tailed Eagle, as well as Lesser Spotted Eagle. From the bird observation tower, you can see the peaks of Veliki Bat and Troglav on Dinara, while the view to the north goes all the way to Šator and Staretina.
On the way back to Livno, you will go along the northeastern brim of the field where you will visit the estavela in Bogdaš, a temporary river flow of Bastašica, which in the spring shows its full potential. Numerous karst springs are active only during the humid season, as well as a large estavela in Vrbica where a large number of ducks are resting and eating. On the path below the slopes of Staretina it is possible to observe the Short-Toed Eagle Honey Buzzard, Buzzard, Kestrel, Hobby, Lesser Grey Shrike, colony of Spanish Sparrow, as well as hundreds of Swallows and characteristics of rural livestock settlements. From wet meadows appears Corn Crake, which due to the destruction of habitats disappeared from most of Europe.

All-day tours 

€ 105,00

The price includes: a tour of all locations from the description of both tours, guidance of expert guides who have been working in these localities for over 20 years, lunch and transportation. Minimum number of persons 4!
*You can also book a birdwatching in Buško Lake, where some other localities are also visited!



Our destination and all excursions are located on the trails of ViaDinarica.

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