We are taking you to the best places and excursions in our destination! We are sure you will take the best memories and experiences from Livno. Let nature refresh you and recharge your batteries!

Activities and home in nature

In agreement with our team, choose accommodation units, activities, and the entire content for your team building.

Program tailored to you

Each of our programs can be adjusted in terms of content and duration. Our team will do its best to meet your needs and make sure you make unforgettable memories of your team building.



The tour takes you to the most beautiful river in Livno, Sturba.The flow of the River Sturba is extremely quiet and very suitable for relaxed canoeing, which makes this excursion suitable for all ages. Our partners will explain how to operate a canoe and other equipment. You'll get waterproof bags to store your cell phones and other valuables in a safe place. Through a leisurely ride, the guide/skipper will introduce you to the flora and fauna of this area where you can see a large number of different birds. During the tour, the guide will take several photos that will be available for free download afterwards. Canoeing takes about 1hour and 30 minutes. After the ride you can enjoy the excursion site Crna Stina where you can relax, swim, walk and taste local specialties prepared and served on the riverbank.
*lunch included


Take your team in the "saddle" of quads and ATVs, experience an adrenaline rush and visit the most beautiful areas of Livno. We like to highlight our tours around Lake Mandek and along the River Sturba, or you can also venture to climb Tušnica Mountain. Mountain.
*Note, for the purpose of environmental protection, driving is only allowed on existing macadam roads.


The most famous attraction of our destination is certainly the wild horses safari on Cincar Mountain. The safari will surely be one of the best experiences, because the uniqueness of this excursion can hardly be described in words. Along with a visit to the wild horses, we prepare a lunch on the mountain, as well as some local specialities, such as indispensable Livno cheese, local craft beer, and some team games. We are sure that this experience will be the highlight of your team building.


Airsoft is a tactical game which combines ammunition, movement through nature and possession of military/tactical skills. The game is safe and suitable for both men and women, as we use safety equipment. Replica weapons are used for the game. Their appearance and functions are almost identical to the original weapons, the only difference is that airsoft guns shoot bio-degradable balls. After being hit, the hit player must return to the base (starting position). There, he/she has the possibility to fill the tanks and after that he/she can return back to the game. The type of the game we practice the most is called capture and hold. You occupy areas together with your team and you place your flag on them. The goal is to defend your areas from the other team and try to occupy others.

Program tailored to you

In addition to the team building activities highlighted above, we can also offer all activities from our one-day excursions, or additional options.

- A great way to spend a fantastic time with colleagues, socialize and perhaps discover some secret talents!
With canvas, acrylic paints and a glass of fine wine, everyone can create their own masterpiece! No prior knowledge of painting is required to participate, the only thing you need to bring is a smile and positive energy! The whole workshop is led by Maja Puđa,

Did you know that you can embark on the adventure of craft beer production that will arrive at your address in a month, with a unique label of a special series? 

- TEAM BUILDING WITH PSYCHOTHERAPIST - The organization of team building in cooperation with a psychotherapist and coach (Ljubica Krišto,,Psychodynamic Integrative Psychotherapist EAIPP, Reality Therapy Counselor,EMDR therapist in supervision,Coach) brings a special level of depth and benefit. The combination of expertise in emotional well-being and team dynamics, provides an opportunity for deeper understanding, support and growth within the team. Through this synergy between team building activities and the expertise of the psychotherapist, the team will gain a deep understanding of how to work together, support each other and develop an emotionally healthy and productive work environment.

Each team is unique, therefore the organization of each team building should be unique and adapted. Contact us with your wishes, the number of people in your team, and we will do our best to provide you with unforgettable experience in our destination.


Our destination and all excursions are located on the trails of ViaDinarica!

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