Wild Horses Photo Safari

If you are feeling a little adventurous you can plan a vacation in some of the best spots in nature. Need further inspiration? We got you covered with Wild Horses Photo Safari as a unique experience of the Livno region. During this activity you will enjoy the expanse of Cincar Mountain where wild horses live completely free.


Horses played a significant role in the development of our riding world, as well as in the Livno region. They were used for transport, work in the field, ride and all other activities that could help a man. By acquiring mechanics in the second half of the last century, horses slowly lost their purpose and became surplus to the owners. The horses gathered on the plateau "Kruzi" and for the first time in history they had become completely free. With their beauty they cause sighs, enthusiasm, and admiration. They became motifs of various photos and the main reason why Livno has become one of the most wanted holiday destinations!




The tour starts in Livno from where we ride by jeeps to the base of Cincar Mountain. At the base of the mountain stretches a vast plateau of "Kruzi". During the off-road ride you will enjoy intact and peaceful nature. Your eyes will be lost in the endless expanse that lies ahead and for a moment you will think you are on another planet. :)


The first stop on the excursion is the amazing viewpoint "Gagića Greda" from where you have a beautiful view of Glamoč field. It is at this location that our famous "jump" photos are created. This location offers the opportunity to see the mountains Cincar, Kujač, Golija, Dinara, Kamešnica, Biokovo, Tušnica and Livanjsko field.


 The search can last several hours, depending on the position of wild horses and weather conditions. So far, it has never happened that we couldn’t find horses on the excursion. 


All you have to do is follow the instructions of our guides. They will explain how to behave and you should definitely bear in mind that you are next to wild animals. A common sight you can witness are the fights of stallions that occur mainly due to food or females.


Did you know that the Austrians (Austria-Hungary) branded Livno cheese? They decided to bring experts from France, when they realized the potential, thus starting a story that continues to this day. Local shepherds kept livestock on Cincar Mountain, and the first cheeses were formed precisely in these cheese diaries. Even today during grazing season you can see some of the local flocks of sheep. You can taste famous Livno cheese as part of our picnic or lunch.


If you want to experience complete vicinity and contact with these wild animals you can bring salt, sugar or apples. If you want to feed horses, it is necessary to emphasize this to our guide so he can explain the rules when feeding, in order to keep everyone safe.


If you want to taste local products, you can book a picnic or lunch in nature along with the safari. For these meals, the minimum number of people is 4! We are sure that you will gain a completely new experience because the opportunity to taste local products, looking at intact nature, does not happen every day. :)


Who else will make sure your adventure leaves a mark in time? Our professional photographer! After the excursion you will get all the professional photos that are included in the price of the trip, your task is just to smile! :)
You usually get a link with the photos within the following 3 days!



Min. 2 persons

Suitable for all ages

Price per person

*English-speaking guide
*For children up to 3 years - free
*For children up to 10 - 25€
*Online booking price 40,50 € with 10% off


Wild Horses Photo Safari in the saddle of a quad vehicle

If you want adrenaline experience of the plateau circles and wild horses, you can choose the option of going on safari with a quad/atv vehicle. The maximum number of people on the quad is two people, and the price of this option is  100.00 € per quad, the price includes quad rental, guided safari, fuel, 2 helmets and photos from the trip.

Additional options
Picnic on the river bank 

75,00€ per person

If during the excursion you want to dine surrounded by wild horses you can book a picnic in nature. Picnic includes local products such as: homemade pastry (rolls, bread), Livno cheese, tenderloin, prosciutto, sausage, honey mead, spring water Bistrica, natural juices, etc.

*The price below includes Wild Horses Photo Safari excursion and a picnic
*Changes of the menu are possible with prior notice (no pork, vegetarians, vegans)
*Min. number of persons – 4
*For children under 10 years – 50% discount

Lunch on the mountain 

90,00€ per person

If during the excursion you want to dine and enjoy the landscapes of Livno you can book lunch in nature. For lunch you can choose from the following local dishes: homemade pies (burek, zeljanica, and krumpiruša), dishes prepared under a baking bell, goulash, barbecue and drinks: homemade wine, homemade brandies, homemade natural juices, beer, etc.

*Burek - a homemade pie made of finely chopped or minced meat and rolled into thin layer of dough.
*Zeljanica - a homemade pie made of spinach and cheese and rolled into thin layer of dough.
*Krumpiruša - a homemade pie made of potatoes and rolled into thin layer of dough. (vegan)

*The price below includes Wild Horses Photo Safari excursion and a lunch
*Changes of the menu are possible with prior notice (no pork, vegetarians, vegans)
*Min. number of persons – 4

*For children under 10 years – 50% discount

Online reservation

Check the available dates for the adventure you want to book. Simply choose a date, enter your personal information, find out the price and book your adventure in nature by yourself. We give you a 10% discount for all reservations you make on our website.

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  • What are the times of the trip?
    Excursions are held every day in two periods. During the winter time (October - April), the excursions are held at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. During the late spring/summer time, they are held at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. 
  • In what time of year is it best to visit wild horses?
    Any time is the best time for safari! :) We recommend the period from March until December (if there isn't a large amount of snow on the mountain). 
  • Are wild horses dangerous?
    Generally speaking, no, but they can be extremely dangerous if you get in their way during fighting or other extreme movements.
  • What should we bring on the excursion?
    You should definitely bring warm clothes because it can be cold at the base of the mountain even in the summer. Obligatory equipment is a camera, cell phone, smile and good will! ☺
  • Can we approach wild horses?
    NO! But they will approach you if they feel safe in your vicinity. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE GUIDE!
  • Is Photo Safari recommended for small kids and pregnant women?
    YES! Babies can go on our excursion as well as pregnant women if they are not in a late stage of pregnancy.

Our destination and all excursions are located on the trails of ViaDinarica!

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