Horses played a significant role in the area of almost the entire planet, as well as in the Livno region.

Horses played a significant role in the area of almost the entire planet, as well as in the Livno region. They were used for transport, work in the field, ride and all the other activities that could help a man. By acquiring mechanics in the second half of the last century, the horses slowly lost their purpose and became surplus to the owners. Because of the specific relationship and the connection between the owners and the horses, the owners did not want to slaughter them or eat them, but they let them into the wild.

The released horses have been collecting in the herds in order to protect themselves from the wolf attacks. With time they completely adapted to the wild and replaced the prior, tame life with the wild one. At the plateau of ‘’Kruzi’’, at the base of the Cincar mountain there are more than 150 square kilometres of pastures, which are shared by several local cattle herds, their shepherds and other wild animals.

On a large mountain expanse the horses are usually difficult to find, sometimes they can be seen along the main road Livno-Šuica, where they are drawn by the salt from the road which they love to lick. Occasional exposure on the road, leads to danger of traffic on this section, so if you go through this route, be careful. The migration and herd position usually determines the vicinity of the watering place which helps locals to find it, but search for the wild herds may sometimes take several hours as their movement is difficult to foreseen.
Most of the horses developed from Posavac, the Arabian horse and Bosnian mountain horse.

A visit to the wild horses at the plateau ‘’Kruzi’’, above Livno, will take you away from a busy, everyday life and bring you back to the wild and intact nature. The terrain leads you to the base of the mountain Cincar where you will find wild horses. They have been living independently of human care for 50 years and their numbers are growing steadily. There are currently about 600 individuals. Most horses are usually calm and relaxed but sometimes fight for the dominance in the herd. In that way males want to defend and win over females. Though they are completely wild, they are accustomed to human closeness, therefore you can feel completely safe around them. With almost unimaginable pastures and mountains in this area, wild horses will surely provide you with inexhaustible inspiration for all artistic creativity, from photos and videos to paintings.

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